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Course & Layout

Our club is located on the magnificent Capricorn Coast, just above the Tropic of Capricorn, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Our course is home to mobs of friendly grey kangaroos and a myriad of native fauna and flora that benefit from the entire property being classified as Land for Wildlife under Greening Australia’s national environmental initiative.


No 1
Men 352m Index 4 Ladies 331m Index 2
A slight dog-leg left, avoid the trouble left with a drive favouring right of centre. The bigger hitters can fly the second fairway bunker at 230m, leaving a short iron to a front-to-back sloping green. Long is not always the worst option here, as the chip will be back into the slope. The green-side bunker left is a better “miss” than the trees right if recovering with your approach shot.
No 2
Men 339 Index 12 Ladies 326m Index 12
A straight drive to the corner of the dog-leg here leaves a middle iron to a well bunkered, green. The “Tiger” line cuts the corner and can either promise a birdie, or bogie or worse if the drive clips one of the many trees framing the right-hand side of the approach leg. A great risk-reward hole that is home to the flattest green on the course.
No 3
Men 349m Index 5 Ladies 329m Index 5
A straight-away 347 metre par 4 with OB left, the perfect drive is slightly right of centre with a draw to the top of the rise or beyond for the bombers. From here it is a short to middle iron to a long narrow green with deep bunkers on both sides. Long here calls for luck with avoiding palms and paths, while short will demand attention to line and length for a not-so-easy chip.
No 4
Men 473m Index 6 Ladies 434m Index 4
OB left leaves the tee-shot bail-out to the right side of a generous fairway that is fairly severely uphill and nearly always into the prevailing south-easter. Hit the ball straight and the OB all down the left side and the thick forest of native gums right won’t even get your attention. At 473m, some will have the power to reach in two, but there’s trouble all around the green if the long iron or wood approach shot is wayward. The small water hole short and left of the green really shouldn’t come into play but it claims enough victims for this hole to retain its stroke index of 6.
No 5
Men 412m Index 1 Ladies 368m Index 8
This pivotal 432m hole offers classic risk-reward options. A good drive to the corner leaves 200 metres to a well protected green, while a tee-shot across the dam requires selection of a line that matches ability and confidence. On the green, watch out for the vagaries of one of only two greens on the course that slope to the east.
No 6
Men 140m Index 18 Ladies 135m Index 18
The first of the par threes that demands accuracy to avoid greenside traps left and right and careful club selection to find the correct level of this two-tiered green. Avoid going long.
No 7
Men 289m Index 13 Ladies 274m Index 10
At 285 metres, this dead straight par 4’s only protection is the prevailing breeze and the pond fronting the narrow, sloping green. If the pin is short, avoid getting too much action on the approach shot and spinning the ball back into the drink. Long is no bargain either so choose the approach club carefully.
No 8
Men 138m Index 15 Ladies 126m Index 16
Hitting into a two-tiered green that’s 30 metres deep, it’s judgement of the wind and club selection here that will present realistic birdie opportunities.
There is water all down the left, but a slight miss right shouldn’t present too many problems making three. Over the back of the green is dead.
No 9
Men 265m Index 17 Ladies 254m Index 14
Decision time. It’s a 230 metre straight hit from the blue tees to the middle of a heavily contoured green, guarded well by bunkers short left and right. The safer conventional play from the tee is to the corner with a middle to long iron, leaving a wedge or short iron for the approach. This hole’s best defence is the green which will grab your attention no matter from where you are putting.
The other feature of note with No 9 is OB left. No need to go there.
No 10
Men 320m Index 14 Ladies 310m Index 7
Another straight par 4 with a generously wide fairway and receptive green guarded both sides by good bunkers which are a preferable miss to wide or long. Short in front is not a bad miss either.
No 11
Men 154m Index 16 Ladies 150m Index 17
A great medium length par 3 that belies it’s stroke 16 index. Three bunkers green-side right trap the wind or spin affected shot, while mounding on the left demands perfect touch to find the pin on a deceptively sloping green. Long is not the worst place to miss this green.
No 12
Men 368m Index 3 Ladies 357m Index 1
Enter the “business” stretch of the course with this demanding 368 metre par 4 that requires a precise tee shot shaped right to left uphill. The drive is the key here, with three large gum trees at the top of the hill left waiting to hurt any tee shot less than perfectly hit. Don’t go long straight from the tee either, as it’s easy to run out of fairway and into more tree trouble. Bombers will fly all the trouble and end up with a very short iron to a green that slopes predominantly right to left. If the pin is front half, don’t miss this green to the right.
No 13
Men 506m Index 9 Ladies 439m Index 6
Aside from the OB all down the right, there is nothing in this 506 metre par 5 that should present too many problems. It’s straight, has one fairway and one greenside bunker, and a generous green sloping mainly right.
No 14
Men 315m Index 7 Ladies 232m Index 15
If you get a good drive away, the two fairway bunkers starting at 170 and 190 metres left don’t really come into play but the OB right on this straightaway par 4 is obviously something to avoid at all costs. A relatively flat green, guarded by 2 deep bunkers, will accept a well struck approach shot. This hole is all uphill and usually into the cooling sea breezes.
No 15
Men 348m Index 2 Ladies 308m Index 3
At 367 metres and usually into the wind, this index 3 hole demands a good tee shot. OB right and a fairway bunker and trees left, leave no options but to find the fairway off the elevated tee. Judgement of wind direction and strength is important on the approach to a heavily contoured green protected front and left by bunkers, and OB to the right. Pay attention on the green – there’s subtle breaks hidden in the more noticeable undulations.
No 16
Men 165m Index 11 Ladies 156m Index 13
The longest par three at 169 metres, the green is a wide target with bunker left and OB well right for the badly hit shot. At only 14m deep, choose a club that will get there but not go long – a particularly difficult challenge to get up and down from over the back of this green. Picking the true wind direction here is essential.
No 17
Men 486m Index 8 Ladies 385m Index 9
A reachable- in- two par 5 at 486m, the key to the seventeenth is the tee shot – water all down the right with (internal) OB on the far side of the water. Two bunkers guard a generous but sloping green. Long is not good, while short in front presents a relatively easy chip.
No 18
Men 312m Index 10 Ladies 262m Index 11
One of our juniors has aced this hole in competition so it is definitely reachable for the bigger drivers. Conventional play is to the corner (210m), leaving a very short iron (100m or so) to a wide but not so deep elevated green. Again, long presents the more difficult recovery, but short left is a large bunker.