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Club History


The Yeppoon Golf Club was established at its current site in 1969.

The Club hosted week-long celebrations back in 1994 to mark its 25th year, when member Colin Hennessy compiled a well researched and written brief history of the Club.

A small but enthusiastic group hosted a public meeting at the Strand Hotel on 26th November 1965 to discuss the prospect of establishing a Golf Club in Yeppoon. At this meeting, motions were passed forming the Yeppoon Golf Club and authorizing the purchase of 137 acres of land in the Farnborough sand-belt, just north of Yeppoon.

Two years later, isolation and development costs led to the decision to find an alternative site and sell the Farnborough land.

It was in February 1968 that negotiations were finalised to purchase the Yeppoon Road site and construction of the first twelve holes commenced immediately. The site actually comprises two separate titles, with the 53 acre lot fronting Yeppoon Road being the first developed, followed by the adjoining 50 acre lot some years later for the balance six holes to complete the 18-hole layout. Although constructed last, these six holes now constitute the starting six on the tight and deceptively demanding layout.


Local builders John Barnes and Lou Stevenson built the club’s first clubhouse in the early 1970’s, while another local company, Glenn and Peter Alexander were commissioned to build what is today’s clubhouse in 1984.


John Price, younger brother of touring pro Terry, was appointed the club’s first resident Professional in 1984. Following John’s departure, Murray Hodge took over as Club Pro in 1986 and also served a dual role as Club/Bar Manager for a while.

David Cardillo served as pro for many years, followed by Jason Mulligan who came to us from Lakes Entrance Vic. in early 2012.

Graham Sheppard, a former junior golfer was welcomed back to the club in November 2014 as Club Professional. Graham began his Golf  Professional training  under the then Yeppoon golf club professional Murray Hodge  in 1997.

Mathew Campbell has joined Yeppoon Golf Club in June 2017 as the Golf Operations Manager and is a PGA Professional.


One of the most significant decisions in the life of the Yeppoon Golf Club was to finance the delivery of recycled water from the Council’s Sewerage Treatment plant in 1990. Augmentation of the course irrigation system and a guaranteed supply of nutrient-rich effluent transformed the course over the next decade. While other clubs battled the seemingly endless drought, Yeppoon’s fairways and greens presented a green oasis for golfers and wildlife alike.