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Comp Conditions

(for competitions conducted by Match Committee)

Unless otherwise defined in the Conditions of Play for a specific competition, the following Conditions of Competition shall apply to all Competitions conducted by the Match Committee.


It is a condition of play at the Yeppoon Golf Club that all players are required to be familiar with, and abide by, the Rules of Golf and the Local Rules.

Specific Conditions of Play applying to certain events and competitions will be posted on the Notice Board with call for nominations for such events.

Unless otherwise defined in the Conditions of Play for a specific competition, ties shall be determined by the Match Committee using the count-back system.

Dress Code

Clothing to be smart casual.

Steel spikes not permitted.

Soft spikes are permitted.

Socks and shoes mandatory.

Each player must have a set of golf clubs.

Sand buckets must be carried and used to fill divots taken by player.

Players are requested to repair pitch marks on the green.

Suspension of Play

The committee may suspend play in any stipulated round (Rule 6-8 and 33-2). Suspension and resumption of play will be in accordance with Appendix I Part C of Rules of Golf.

Entry and Eligibility

Any player with a Golf Australia Handicap may enter, and be eligible to win prizes in a competition subject to the following provisions:

Return of Score Cards

A player is deemed to have returned a score card for a stipulated round when such card has been deposited in the receptacle provided by the Match Committee or handed to a member of the Match Committee at the completion of the stipulated round. Rule 6-6 applies.